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MySingleFriend Review

MySingleFriend MySingleFriend is a dating site developed by property developer and TV personality Sarah Beeny. In reality it works just like a regular paid dating website although the overview is different.

It was set up so that your friends could add your profile to a dating site rather than you do it yourself although many people would not prefer you to do this for them actually writing your own profile review can seem daunting. So this is where it is slightly different.

Get Your Friends to Help with your Dating

Sometimes it can be hard if you are newly single or just want to start looking for a new relationship to know where to start and make the plunge to add your details into a dating site in the first place. That's where mysinglefriend is different and it's a great way to help your friends start looking for other single people.

To start developing your online profile you can either add your own details in the normal manner yourself and / or get one of your friends or colleges to write some nice words about you. This is a nice difference and the site lets you link to your other single friends that may be on the site so there is a bit of social networking undertaken as well as just plain dating.

The site has a nice fresh feel to it and you can browse all the profiles online even before signing up to get a look at who may be on the site. Not only can you look at the names of people but see the full profile and pictures of who is registered on the site.

This will include all their details such as their name, location in the UK, their religious status, height and employment and a summary that they have written themselves. Then you can see what their friends have written about them. The full details which most dating sites won't offer you without at least signing up.

Pricing and Features

To get started you can sign up for free and add in your own profile details which is the standard practice for all other site. Of course that won't help you much because although you may receive messages you won't be able to see them or reply to them but it may give you a sense of your popularity.

If you then decide you want to start to send and receive messages then you'll need to pay. The prices are £21 for one month, £38 for 3 months or £64 for 6 months which is on a par with the other popular dating sites in the UK.

Navigating around the site is very easy and MySingleFriend looks like a nice place to hang out. There are some success stories posted on the website but not many considering how big the membership is said to be. They say that they attract over 9,000 new members each and every month so there could be someone for you. It's a UK only based website that's run from UK offices and they pride themselves on their support.

We like the fresh feel of mysinglefriend and in addition that it's run by a TV personality so you know that if there are any problems then the press and TV channels will want to hear about it.

We have never received anything but positive reviews about this site and even one of our girlfriend's joined up and really liked the way it worked. She has already found several people who she liked and has already had several dates. Should you join up? We think you should. It's free to start and use the site and see what your searches will provide.

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