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eHarmony Review eHarmony dating site is one of a new breed of advanced dating applications.

Rather than just joining, developing your profile and left to your own devices to search their database of the millions of members, you start off by completing a personality and compatibility questionnaire.

This process is designed to provide a more comprehensive experience. We joined and here is our review of what we found.

First Impressions of eHarmony

Initial reactions, when you join, are almost one of joy because this is a bright site that is easy to navigate around and use when you're looking for like minded singles.

To begin you may want to uncheck the offers sign up email just to save you from being bombarded with the website. To join the site all you need is your own email address, password and a postcode.

Let's join eHarmony UK to see what's on offer

At first glance, there appears to be a lot of information you need to complete to move forward. However, don't worry because eHarmony use a sophisticated matching programme to match you with like-minded singles in your area.

So rather than having to trawl through thousands of profiles you need to complete your own requirements first before you get to "meet" anyone else.

The first screen asks you to enter a few details about who you are and how important it is for you to meet people of a similar age. Other questions include if you want to meet people who have children or are looking to start a family. It's important to be honest in your replies so as not to disappoint later on.

Next you're asked about your height, ethnic group, your physical appearance and the age and group you would like to meet. Next it's about your personal beliefs then more about you and how you deal with life in general.

These are all great questions because it's unlikely you'll want to meet someone that has exact and opposite views to yourself. There are other attributes asking about the things you're good at and like to do.

Social habits such as whether you smoke or drink and how important is it for the other person to partake in social activities are next. Then it's time to state your location and the maximum distance from you that potential partners are (as you may not want to be travelling too far).

In-depth Personality Profiling

All in all, there are 19 pages of questions in total which may seem a lot and takes perhaps 30 minutes to complete. It's well worth the effort so that the system can score your personality and then find like-minded individuals to match you to what you've completed.

The information you enter about yourself and the type of people you want to meet ensures that the compatibility side of the site works best.

You also receive a free personality profile that shows how you interact with others and perceive the world in general. These results by themselves are worth the time you've spent completing the questionnaire.

Once inside, the matching process has done a good job, and we get presented with a range of profiles that look good. For the free service, you can browse through the site but can not communicate with anyone but that's how all the paid dating sites work in any case.

The eHarmony free trial

All the paid dating sites offer a free service and eHarmony dating is no different so you can start for free and enter your profile as mentioned above. You can then undertake a few basic features to get you going but if you want to make the most of the site then you'll have to take out a paid membership. With the free trial you can:

  • Create your user profile.
  • Receive the free personality profile test.
  • Use search tools.
  • Browse other members profiles.

The paid subscription upgrade

  • View all the profiles of people matched with your profile.
  • Communicate with those people that interest you the most.
  • Send and reply to emails.
  • View people's photographs.

With either service, there's no searching option because it's a matching service. If you believe that you're not getting the right types of profiles in your account then you may want to revisit the profile you created. There are also no chat facilities so if this is your favoured contact method then this site may not be for you.

eHarmony Promotional Codes

From time to time, there's an eHarmony promotional code that can cut the cost of the paid membership. Our blog announced all the latest voucher codes. If there isn't one there, you can always sign up for free and once your profile is complete either take the free option or have a seven-day trial that's free.

You'll need to enter your credit card information and if you don't like it then be sure to cancel otherwise you'll get charged for the following month.

  • One-month membership: £34.95
  • Three-month membership: £74.85
  • Six-month membership: £89.70
  • Annual membership: £119.40

We recommend eHarmony - sort of

To sum it up - eHarmony does a lot of things right but if you read reviews from around the web there's a lot of negativity. We say give a try and then let us know if you find any problems. You can sign up for free and complete your personality profile in any case.

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